• How to use the Search/Filter given on Catalogue?


If you are looking for specific content, use the live search box. It can only search names of Movie/TV Shows not cast members or genre.


IN – Action or Comedy. Default filter.

NOT IN – Neither Action nor Comedy. Negative filter.


IMDb(M) – Modified version of IMDb rating which factors in number of votes.

Random – Works like Netflix Roulette suggesting random titles.

Having trouble with Search/Filters? Open in Incognito/Private mode of browser.

  • On what basis are the lists are created?

Ans: I use the following data points for listing the titles: IMDb Rating & No. of Votes, Metascore & No. of Reviews, Popularity and the Year of release. I do not have my own user rating system (yet).

  • Why the age rating is different in the Netflix app?

Ans: The age ratings country by country. I try to ensure that content for family has been rated for kids everywhere. For other Age ratings, it will vary.

  • What is IMDb(M)?

Ans: IMDb Rating & No. of Votes are taken into account to give this score. It’s a better indicator as compared to IMDb alone. E.g. A title with Rating 7.5 and 1000 votes will have lower IMDb(M) as compared to a title with Rating 7 and 10000 votes. This ensures that users are not misled by titles which may have 5 votes and 9.5 rating.

  • Why are the dates so old or not matching for my region?

Ans: The dates mentioned in ‘Available From’ are the dates when the content was added to Netflix database not specifically for your region. So it may not match.

  • Why the number of seasons are different in my region?

Ans: Since the data on a Single Title page is for multiple regions, the seasons would vary a bit since all of the regions do not get content release at the same time.

  • Why can’t I find this content on my app?

Ans: The content on the site is based on English account language. If you have different account language, less content will be available for you . Also sometimes things fall into the crack. If you find something which is incorrect, I would appreciate if you can drop me a mail.

  • This title is showing available on the Netflix app but showing as ‘Not Streaming’ on this website?

Ans: Inconvenience regretted. As mentioned in the last point, things fall into the crack sometimes. Please do drop me a mail for inconsistencies.

  • Can I get a copy of database for a region?

Ans: If you want the database for a region for non-commercial purpose, you can send me a blank XL sheet with the headers of data points you want.

  • Can I scrape data from your website?

Ans: You can scrape if you want, but avoid using browser based spiders/bots. It will get blocked in firewall. I would prefer if you would use the sitemap file and ‘request’ module in Python with time.sleep(5) to avoid overloading the server.