Thanks for visiting this website, hope you are finding it useful.

Netflix with its vast database but limited options in the interface makes it difficult for the users to find content. The original content of Netflix is definitely worth a watch but not everyone has similar tastes in the content so many users like me would prefer to skip them after giving it a shot.

The reason for building this website is to keep track of the best content on Netflix and aggregate the various ratings for the content. This one is focused only on the best available content in form of lists like 100 Best Movies or 100 Best TV Shows, etc. It is particularly useful for people who:

  • Don’t watch Netflix regularly and would watch only the best content.
  • Don’t keep track of Netflix database.
  • Don’t want to spend time on doing research what to watch.
  • Do like to look at IMDb and Metacritic ratings before choosing the content to watch.

Even if you don’t fall in any of these categories, I am sure you will find some good recommendations. You can always write to me, if you are looking for specific lists.