Catalog of the content which you can watch through Ivacy. Use filters and sorting tools to discover the content you want to watch. Not interested in filtering/sorting? Check out the lists on this page for Best Movies, TV Shows and to know more about Ivacy.

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Due to changes in Netflix API, there's delay in updating the content. Inconvenience regretted. Should be sorted out soon.
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If you are looking for specific content, use the live search box. It can only search name of movie/tv show not cast members or genre.


IN - Action or Comedy. Default filter.

AND - Both Action and Comedy. Combination filter

NOT IN - Neither Action nor Comedy. Negative filter.

Subtitles - Select your region for getting content with English subtitles.


IMDb(M) - Modified version of IMDb rating which factors in number of votes.

Random - Works like Netflix Roulette suggesting random titles.

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