New Features

Personalize your Netflix

Now you can create an account on the site and personalize your Netflix experience. Here are two examples of landing pages which you can create on your own.

1. Movies

2. TV Shows/Documentary/Reality TV

Here’s the things which you can do with the new features:

  1. Create your own landing pages with 10 (5 X 2) rows of custom filtered content.
  2. Bookmark content with 3 options:
    • Watchlist – The content which you want to watch
    • Watched – Content which you have already watched
    • Unsure – Content which is not good enough for watchlist
  3. All the content you bookmark will be removed from your landing pages and added to the bookmarks thus de-cluttering them to discover more content
  4. You can share these pages with others, they can only see the content not edit it.
  5. Track multiple countries at the same time by choosing them in Country dropdown.
  6. Negative filtration for Audio, to find Foreign Language content or remove specific language content.

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What you can’t do with these features right now:

  • Filter by Dubbed Audio and Subtitles – This will take time to build due to complexity of 55 countries and different account languages.
  • Filter by Seasons – This would also take some time to implement
  • Sorting of content – Working on this right now.
  • New additions to the country (new is limited to worldwide releases) – This would take time to implement.

Update:- I have received feedback regarding these features

  1. Landing page creation is bit confusing. I am working on it right now, it will take another week to finish. If you can give your inputs it will be great – [email protected]
  2. Since email is required, some people are thinking if this is a scam (to collect personal info). Just to be clear, there’s no email verification so you can add any random combination for email in this format – [email protected] If you want to continue using the account, then you should add your real email since it is required for password recovery in case you forget it or you need some help with your account.